Thursday, 7 May 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Thanks to Street Guru over at What the world needs now for awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger thingy.

Cheers dude!

I have to list 7 things I love apparently, so here we go in no particular order:

  1. The wifey - Mrs Block. As a friend said to me on my wedding day 'you do know you're punching above your weight don't you?'
  2. London - lived here long enough to know it's a great place, but not long enough to get sick of the tube (yet)
  3. Fridays - don't we all?
  4. The south bank - full of my kind of weirdos
  5. My camera
  6. Writing - must do more!!!
  7. A nice glass of red wine - especially when combined with numbers 1 and 3

I also have to award 7 other folks, so here they are - again in no particular order:

  1. HillBilly Duhn over at Hillbilly Duhn's times and tribulations
  2. JoJo over at I once was captain of whatever
  3. MissMess over at Life as a loaded gun
  4. E over at Epiphanizing
  5. Michael over at If you're going through hell keep going
  6. Amanda at My photos
  7. Short Stick over at the Patsy log - gone but not forgotten


Valerie Wangnet said...


.::~P~::. said...

CONGRATS for the award :D

And thank you for passing it on to moi :P

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Congrats and thank you. :)

Street Guru said...

A cool selection of your favourite things.

e said...

Awesome. Yay for you! And thanks:)

Michael said...

Thanks so much, man. I'll sort it out after the exams, surely.


JoJO a. said...

Thanks a lot WB!

I say.. WB because.. Writer's Block...


And congrats!