Friday, 15 May 2009

Springboks make me drink too much

Went out last night with the wife to Vivat Bachus - they had a South African wine tasting/meal thingy. Very enjoyable,

The night started out at the bar they have there, with the winemakers all the way over from South Africa giving out the wine at the wine tasting. Like most wine tasting I've been to, nobody spits it out, so by the time we'd done there and headed down to the restaurant, we were pretty battered already. Dinner was 5 - yes 5 course, each one with a different wine. So that's 5 meals and 5 glasses of wine. Here's how it went:

1st course:
Already feeling a little 'lubricated'. The food was chilled watercress soup with roast scallops and chorizo oil, accompanied by a rather nice white wine from the Tokara vineyard.

2nd course:
Starting to feel 'mostly lubricated'. We get pan fried Froi Gras with sweet corn puree and a glass of Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir. Not a big Froi Gras fan - tastes a little like warm meaty blancmange.
My wife looks extremely pretty today.

3rd course:
Roast Springbok with Risotto and some Vanilla stuff with a glass of Thelema cabernet sauvignon.
The woman from the Hamilton vineyard comes over to say hello and asks if we're enjoying our evening. 'Hell yeah!' cries the wife. I tell her I've never eaten Springbok before but I've seen one on TV.
My wife looks out of focus.

4th course:
Cheese board and some red stuff in a glass. Think it's a Syrah - tastes very nice. Most of my cheeses smell funny and I'm sure one of them just moved. The Chef comes over to ask how we're liking it so far. I tell him I saw a Springbok once on the tele - I think David Attenborough was there. He says that's very nice. My wife throws cheese at him.

5th course:
Ever wondered what wine gums and real flowers taste like? Well I no longer need wonder as that's what was on the table just next to my head. They bring us some more wine which is either in a very small glass, or my hands are ginormous. The waiter asks if I'm OK and could I please ask my wife to stop dancing on the table and trying to get everyone to sing along to Jay Zs 'Can I get a'. I tell him I saw a Springbok once on David Attenborough, and has he got any peanuts?
Somehow managed to get the tube home without falling asleep and waking up miles away at 2am.

I am one classy guy.


Sandi K said...

I love this post! I think I will re-watch "Sideways" tonight with the shiraz I just picked up the other day :)

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Throwing cheese and dancing on the table!! WHoot! Good times..LOL!

Valerie Wangnet said...

Delicious little post. I agree with Sandi K, suddenly inspired to rewatch Sideways.

Good to hear you enjoyed!

SquirrelQueen said...

I like the idea of throwing cheese and dancing on the table.
More wine please . . .


Fran Hill said...

Enjoyed this post, and the others I've read. You're funny.