Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Computer says no

Or more accurately, boom.
My computer had an 'episode' yesterday. It's been coming for a while, but it finally kicked the bucket around dinner time. I've tried changing the graphics card, and both hard drives, but no luck. I think it's the motherboard (or rather, hoping it is as my hard drive contains all my music, films, bank account details, entire life etc...), but as I built the thing about 2 years ago - and chip designers seem intent on changing how many pins their processors have every 2 days - it's proving harder than I imagined trying to get a new one.
It's time like these that you realise just how much you rely on the interweb. Back when I was at school, we had these weird things called 'books' instead, though to be honest, they did have some advantages like being able to work in a power cut. But now, I find myself pacing the room and foaming at the mouth occasionally. No longer can I type in my postcode on google streetmaps and see what the outside of my flat looks like, no longer can I while away the hours looking up facts of dubious authenticity on Wikipedia. In fact, about only entertainment I have is to
try one of these.

Still got my work laptop at least, it's one of those 'take anywhere as long as you don't mind lifting 40 pounds and a battery life of 23 seconds' jobbies that they found at the back of a store room, Better than nothing I suppose, and it does stop me from sitting naked and rocking in the corner of a dark room like Robert Downey Jnr did for most of the 90s.


Michael said...

That sucks. I feel for you. Hope you find a better solution to your new-found nothing-to-do-ness than the 40-pound laptop.


Mo said...

Ha ha know what you mean. Just bought a new laptop this week. The old one uo and died on me.

missykimmy said...

Yikes, can't really say I'd like to be in your place. I agree about how we rely a lot on the interweb. I hope everything worked out well for you now.

Loved the humour in your writing. I'm looking forward to your next updates. Following!

Check my blog out some time if you like. (: