Friday, 20 November 2009


My favourite day of the week rolls around yet again - and what's more I'm off work for a bit, so even more cause for celebration. I aim to be in the pub within the hour...

Though tonight is Children in Need night here in the UK, a worthy charity indeed, but it does mean that I will no doubt be accosted several times by people dressed in a variety of outfits asking for donations. I can only hope it's mostly girls in their 20's dressed as nurses and strippers, and not Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi (see above).

Also at this time of year, I start to think about Christmas presents. Not what I want, but what I should be buying for my various family and friends.
I always find it quite tricky to buy for others when I have no idea what they want. My sister as usual has given me a list, which is appreciated, and my best friend Andy will be getting a book like he does every year, but as for everyone else, I'm somewhat adrift. I ask them, and say things like 'surprise me', or 'I don't really know'. If they don't know what they want, how am I supposed to guess? And as for a 'surprise'- you can take this 2 ways, and I've learnt through experience that exotic pets and severed goats head - whilst fulfilling the remit of being a surprise - are not necessarily appreciated.

So please let me know your suggestions for what I should buy my assorted family and friends - they cover a wide range of ages, genders, cultures and sexual orientations. The winner gets a severed goats head.


kirsten said...

Amazon gift cards are a great way to go.

Does your friend Andy own a Kindle? If so, an Amazon gift card would be great so that he could purchase e-books.

As for a gift for a woman, I wouldn't go the perfume route.

Here in the states, everyone (man, woman, and child) appreciate gift cards because they aren't cash, yet they have the same flexibility.

Don't forget the xmas card! Women love cards (especially when you personalize it).

Hope that helps a little.

K. Green

Writers Block said...

Thanks Kirsten.
I was expecting bizare ramblings, but you've actually come up with some good ideas. Thanks - I'll get shopping!

kirsten said...

No problem. Shopping can be very stressful during the holidays, especially if you don't know where to begin. I'm glad I could be of some service to you.

Please alert me on any new posts you have; they make for a good read.


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