Tuesday, 17 November 2009

That time of year of an unhygenic Robert Pattinson

Well - still no 'proper' computer, but at least I've got the work laptop running on xp now.

That time of year is upon once more my friends where we moan about all the Christmas ads on TV, the shop window displays full of snow, and generally reminisce about how when we were kids no one motioned Christmas before 24th December and it's getting earlier every year. This years bunch of Christmas adds are quite a chilling affair, headed up by M&S who's adverts begin with Stephen Fry telling us to mince once a year. Oh M&S, you masters of the subtle double-entendre.
My personal favourite is Mr Sansburys (that's Jamie Oliver to anyone who doesn't own a TV) giving out mince pies from the back of Sainsburys van parked in quaint villages. It has an unusual docu-drama feel which I assume is to lead us to believe that this is what Jamie likes to do in his spare time when he's not busy having a life.

Whilst we're on the subject of things that are just plane wrong - there's a poster at Chancery Lane tube station for the new twilight movie - you know, Mills&Boon for teenage girls - with a great big picture of the moody looking Robert Pattinson. Since it's gone up, there is an increasing amount of lipstick appearing on his face as passers-by, presumably teenage girls or the mentally ill have been kissing it.
Now I know that the cleaning team in our capitals underground transport system do a wonderful and often under appreciated job, but I still can't believe that advertising posters put up by an elderly man called Arthur who looks like he could use a shower and smells like piss are safe to lick. I expect an outbreak of hepatitis any day now.

Since I've been away for a while, I thought I'd treat you all to this little gem. Lady GaGa's poker face as you've never heard it before.
All worship the hair....


missykimmy said...

HAHA LOVED the video! Thank you for sharing, this made me laugh. :D

And I think it's ridiculous how girls kissed the Rob Pattinson poster. He's really not that great looking.


Lou said...

Lipstick marks on a Robert Pattinson poster? The most ridiculous and creepy thing i've ever heard. What is with all the teenage girls these days? I was never like that...EVER!

Great post...i hate the christmas adverts of tv. They started back in October. OCTOBER!