Saturday, 27 December 2008

I've eaten my own bodyweight in mince pies

Hello blog people.
I'm feeling somewhat 'rotund' after Christmas. What's more my lungs are still playing up, so I can't go running to burn off all the trifle, nuts, onion bhajis, mini-quiches, stuffing, roast potatoes, half a large tin of quality street, gravy, vast amounts of alcohol etc etc...
Oh well.
Got some good shit this year, none of the usual 'I thought it was a bit of fun' gifts that I stick in a box marked 'car-boot sale.' I must say it does help telling everyone that if they don't know what to get you, to get you a book token.
My highlight is a cocktail shaker and assorted accessories from the wife. I aim to be at 80's Tom Cruise level by the end of next week.

Anyways, not back to work until the 5th Jan, so plenty of time to do some writing. And I will post something here soon, honest. Tomorrow in fact (if I remember)!


Anonymous said...

Something about your comment about mince pies reminds me Sweeney Todd all of a sudden.

Happy writing and cheers!

Sez said...

I'm very much noting the "book token" idea for next christmas/my impending 27th birthday.

Pure genius that is.