Friday, 19 December 2008

Old people on the tube

Boris Johnson confirmed yesterday what many of us have always suspected - he's never travelled on the london underground.
As of 2nd Jan, holders of the 'Freedom pass' - itself a very good idea that allows pensioners free travel across the nations public transport system will be extended to 24 hours in London - currently they have to wait until after 9:30am to use it.
According to the Blonde one:
"I am delighted that elderly Freedom Pass holders will be able to use this important scheme to get to early morning hospital or other appointments that most Londoners would take for granted. That is why during the election campaign I promised elderly pass holders would no longer have to wait until well after breakfast to catch the bus."

Far be it from me to criticise such a noble scheme, but a sudden influx of the elderly on the tube at rush hour does not sound like a good thing to me. I used to live ooop north, and nothing pissed me off more in the mornings than being on a bus full of pensioners. Why are they going into town at 8am for crying out loud - nowhere is open! And nowehre is likely to be open because the busses don't stop to let workers on because they're full of oaps!
I can see granny rage becoming an increasing problem - take my word for it, nothing good will come of this.

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