Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tutus, breakfast and some light music.

I now know how to make a Tutu. Another of life's essential skills mastered there then.

This is actually for my wifey. No, she's not a ballerina, she's running the London Marathon on Sunday, and has decided that to make things just that little bit trickier - and increase her chances of getting on TV, she's going to run it in a Tutu, hence us walking around Soho on Saturday trying to find suitable Tutu material.

So last night, we got out the scissors and YouTube, learnt how to make one without sewing, and voila - 45 mins later, half a Tutu. We just need to go get some more fabric and we'll have a full one in no time. It is surprisingly easy - you should all try it.
Anyways - I was watching Breakfast on the BBC this morning whilst ironing the wifeys shirt for her - God I'm starting to sound like a right domestic goddess today aren't I. Anyways, I was manly ironing a shirt this morning, watching Breakfast on the BBC, which is something I don't normally have on - in fact I don't normally have the TV on at all in the mornings, and watching it I remembered why.
Bill Bloody Turnbull.

As a journalist and news presenter, I guess he's OK, but they really shouldn't let him speak to people. They had Lady GaGa on this morning, and he just kept banging on about her eye shadow like it was a totally new concept for women to put coloured powder on their eyes. Nice one Bill, we wouldn't want to hear about the music or anything, make-up tips are what keeps your show real.
This was closely followed by him telling the gorgeous Natascha McElhone that her TV series Californifaction was quite a bit like 'The OC'. Yes Bill, they're both set in California I'll give you that, but perhaps you should watch them first yeah?
I don't know, it's Kate Silverton I feel sorry for.

Anyways - as treat for you all today, this is my mate's band, Alberto Veto, when they played down here in sunny London about a month back. A great gig, if you listen closely, you'll hear me clapping.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Tutu's. You um, made one for your wife, of course, you also said we, which means she may have helped. And then you were ironing, yes, I would say you do sound a bit domesticated today. Wow. You sound like a wonderful House Husband. :)

Good luck with the progress of the tutu.

Lou said...

I'm impressed that you've made a tutu...I would have just gone out a bought one! You do sound like a domestic goddess!

If i happen to watch the London marathon, i'll look out for the purple-tutu wearing woman! hehe :)

e said...

I don't know who this Bill Bloody Turnbull is, but I am riled up about him. Lady Gaga, the OC, and Californication are practically my trifecta of sacred cows, and he's hit on all them in the wrong way. At least he didn't try to lump Laguna Beach in with the "about California, on TV" group. This is a great post, best of luck to your wife this Sunday.

Writers Block said...

HillBilly - I am getting quite domesticated - next thing you know I'll be doing the shake'n'vac

Lou - Why thank you, it's easier than it looks

e - he is a bit of a tit, no doubt about that