Saturday, 11 April 2009

Back once again with the ill behaviour...

.. and cheesey 90's dance track lyrics as well.

Sorry I've not written in sooo long, I've been particularly busy at work and all that 'real life' stuff that tends to get in the way.

So happy Easter everyone - not particularly religious myself, but nothing like a good excuse to eat chocolate and have a couple of days off work. It being a bank holiday, Mrs Block has had me wallpapering and clearing out the spare room. Does look pretty now though, so time well spent.
I've also been working on a new short(ish) story I'm thinking about sending off to a competition. If it doesn't win, which is statistically likely, I'll post it in installments here. It's broadly about a guy who looses his job/girlfriend etc.. and ends up living next door to a guy who thinks he's god. Hopefully it will make more sense than it sounds.

Anyways, it being Easter also means we get bombarded with shit TV. 50 channels of 'which-idiot-thought-this-would-make-good-TV?' so far, with the odd sprinkling of the worst of what Hollywood has to offer. Still, there's a Dr Who Easter special on tonight - with Michelle 'bionic woman' Ryan as the new assistant which might be good. Also, Dave (that's the name of the TV channel) have made 3 new episodes of Red Dwarf - one of the best things the BBC ever did in my humble opinion - apart from the last series which was pretty awful.

One of the worst things the BBC ever did is also running at the moment - 'My Life as an Animal'. This 'groundbreaking' show follows 8 volunteers as they live with animals. The last one had some guy living with pigs. This doesn't mean he invites a pig to stay with him at home for a week, oh no. Instead he goes and lives in a pig sty, with a bunch of pigs, 24 hours a day for 4 days, eating what they eat, 'talking' to them in grunts, sleeping with them etc... you get the picture.
Why would anyone want to do this? No bloody idea. Why would anyone want to watch this drivel? Sorry - can't help you there either. Nice to know that my £120 a year for TV licence is being spent well by the 12 year olds that make up the management team there. Well done guys, I can see now why you cut the budget for all the news programmes and generally interesting stuff in order to fund this. Nice one indeed.

Anyways, enough of my rants, here's a pretty picture to calm me down. I took this on holiday a couple of years ago. If anyone can guess the country, you'll get - er well, sod all really, but I'll give you a shout out and a well done.

And I promise to post more often. Honest. Whether you want me to or not - so there.


Michael said...

I like channel-surfing, I'd watch anything if I had enough time.

That's just the thing: I don't have enough time. So searching for the 'best' show on hundreds of channels can be quite frustrating.

And where are the 'best' places in London?


Lou said...

It's true...Easter is always about the shitty TV. It wouldn't be Easter without it.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Really, living with animals???? Um..K...

Writers Block said...

Michael - if you'll watch anything you'll love the UK, we have lots of channels full of anything that makes you wander how you managed with only 4 as a kid. As far as the best places in London go - there's a long list depending on which part of town you're in - but my current favourites are Amuse Bouche in Soho, the bar at the Chancery Court Hotel (missus likes this - very pricey though!) and Volupte for a good nights entertainment as well (but don't bother eating there). There's also a ton of free stuff to do - which is one of the many reasons I love living here.

Lou - Shitty TV and Chocalate - bit disspaointed there was no 70's James Bond this year though...

Hillbilly - Yes animals - and believe it or not it makes for worse TV than it actually sounds - which is an achievment in itself.