Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Flash flash, zombie zombie

I have it on good authority that there will be a zombie flash mob on Friday 13th Feb (that's this Friday for those of you without a calender - or in 3 days time for anyone who doesn't know what day today is) at London Bridge train station in London.
Should be fun - I'm gonna try be there with camera phone in hand, so if I get any decent video, I'll post it here at the weekend. Nothing like zombies annoying commuters to get you in the mood for the weekend!

In other news this week - Todd Carty got voted off 'Dancing on Ice'. Though to be fair, he never actually danced on the ice, just seemed to get pulled around at an incredibly slow speed by his unfortunate partner.
For those of you unaware of this slice of surrealism on a Sunday night, I'll attempt to explain.
Several 'celebrities' are partnered up with professional ice skaters. Every Sunday, they compete to see who can wear the most sequins and fishnets before taking to the ice to 'dance' Olympic styley. A group of ex-ice skaters and random dancing folk then take turns to publicly mock them before giving them a score out of 6 each. Viewers are encouraged to vote for the couple they want to see humiliated again next week, and the bottom 2 in the 'honest-we-didn't-rig-this-one-like-Ant'N'Dec' phone vote have a 'skate-off' - one final fling around the ice - to decide which lucky contestant gets to go home and never ever have to do it again.
Think Strictly Come Dancing with knives attached to your feet, and you won't be far wrong.
Some guy last year actually broke his leg competing in this thing - I hope they get a book deal or something at the end.

Anyways, today I am mostly watching acoustic versions of Flo Rida's Low - you'll have to imagine your own fat hairy Tom Cruise 'Tropic Thunder' Styley:


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Zombies, I guess that I would find that a bit icky. And strange. But okay...

Fat hairy Tom Cruise...Gross!! Actually if I'm remembering correctly, I think there's a movie with Tom Cruise in it that he's fat, hairy and bald in. So, I guess I can invision that one pretty well.

Anonymous said...

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Writers Block said...

Yeah, it was Tropic Thunder. He dances to the 'normal' version of this song - though I think this one's better.

BILL - Thanks dude!