Saturday, 7 February 2009

A series of small walls...

Just watching time team. For those of you who are unaware of this wondrous show, it's kinda like speed archaeology. Tony Robinson (of Blackadder fame - most definitely not pictured left) takes a bunch of bearded archaeologists with small trowels and the 'geo-fizz' guy off to a field somewhere for 3 days where they dig trenches, do some ground penetrating radar, and try and figure out what was there however many millenia ago.Every week without fail, they discover a 'series of small walls'. Why is that? Were our ancestors all 6 inches tall? Pixies built it maybe? Anyways, I think it's interesting, but the wife calls it the 'series of small walls' show. At least it's more interesting than post holes.

Speaking of the wife, she got lost on the tube today. 'How?' I hear you cry - 'I have no fucking idea' is my answer. I mean it's not that hard, especially as we've lived here over a year, she uses it every day, and we were going were we've been about a hundred times before. Nevertheless, she still managed it. That's talent that is.We get on the Piccadilly line in the middle of London to go 2 stops so we can change onto the Central line at Holborn. I get off at Holborn, the wife (who's about 10 feet away - crowded tube today) just sits there merrily listening to her ipod and reading the paper. It's not until the trains gone and everyone else is off the platform that I realise she's still on it. Took her another 3 stops to realise she was on the wrong train and I wasn't there. Jeez, I thought I was more noticeable than that.

Anyways, all safely back home now, and we're settled in for European night. Not got enough money to go out, so we're staying in and eating Pizza and Chili, drinking Belgium beer, and we're about to watch 'Amelie' (French film with Audrey Tautou) followed by 'let the right one in' - a class Swedish film about a weiner kid who befriends a girl who's a vampire. Cue lots of blood and cats. Apparently Hollywood are re-making it - so that'll be shit. Go watch the original if you can.

I also just wanted to say thank you to Dita Von Teese today - her of marry-a-weirdo fame.
Burlesque dancing I'm sure used to be viewed as a bit sordid by many, but thanks to good old Dita, it's now 'culture' and my wife wants to take me to a show.
I am a lucky man indeed.

Today - in honour of New Zealand widget or whatever day - I am mostly listening to New Zealand folk parody (again) inventing rap:

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Hillbilly Duhn said...

I'm still stuck on, "I thought I was more noticeable then that." LOL.

My hubby acknowledges that sometimes, I'm in deep thought, "somewhere else" and need nudging. :)