Saturday, 28 February 2009

Still scratching

No I'm not dead. Just resting - despite the fact I've been nailed to this chair.
Though it has been a while my fellow blogsters - 'real life' stuff, a bit of a jolly, visitors from far etc... all add to my long list of feeble of excuses for not just getting off my arse and writing something.
I have been busy on the novel front however, having just finished chapter 13, and heading with some speed and my eyes closed into chapter 14 rather like being pushed in a Tesco trolley.
All-in-all, I'm probably a little over half way now - which is both inspiring and depressing at the same time. Inspiring as I'm over half way, and depressing as I've got nearly as much to do again, plus the edit, and then the re-write, and then the other re-write before it'll be ready to be unleashed upon the world of publishers and agents who'll probably think it's shit.
Oh well - keeps me off the streets.

No vids or quotes today - but a bit of writing advice that I was once given by someone who does it for a living:
'Never use the phrase 'of course' (unless it's in dialogue). It just sounds a bit crap and amateurish. You don't have to replace it with anything else, just cut it out and It'll all sound better, trust me.'


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Of course, I use the phrase quiet often in real life and writing. Damn, now I feel bad about myself....


Anonymous said...

Check out my blogs and you'll find the effects of "writers' block", it's not a pretty sight...


Michael said...

I really want to write some day, in less than ten years perhaps? (I don't feel quite ready now.)

Every time I hear about another writer's writer's block, it excites me and makes me want to write for some reason.

...until I encounter it myself, of course.