Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The right type of snow

Picture I took near my house - aren't I the arty one

Went to bed on Sunday - hardly any snow, just a few flakes falling. Wake up Monday morning, 8 inches everywhere. Fuckin' A! I do love the snow, I know most people don't (especially those who drive) but I work from home so I don't care.

The snow was that bad in fact, that they closed all except one line of the tube (the Victoria which is nowhere near where I live), cancelled every single bus in London, most trains weren't running, and a plane fell off the runway at Heathrow. This provoked the usual 'nothing-but-the-whether' on the news (guess it was a slow day) and people on my TV saying things like 'I've just got back from holiday in Alaska, and they cope just fine, it's a disgrace that the tube isn't running.'
For a start, Alaska gets significantly more snow than the UK, so is somewhat more prepared. Secondly, everyone in Alaska drives a snow plow (with the exception of Sarah 'I can see Russia from my house' Palin who drives a snow plow with a dead moose strapped to the roof).
In the words of The Blonde One - 'We had the right type of snow, just the wrong type of quantity.'

Plus as the tube wasn't working, my wife (along with most other people who work in the city) got the day off and made snow angels. Here's one of hers:
She says she's never made one before, so is pretty proud of this effort.

Sadly the tube is running again today, so she's gone off to work. It is nice having her around the house, even if I do still have to work (yet one more reason not to work from home).

Anyways, it froze overnight, so now the pavements are solid ice, and it's gonna rain later, so I guess it won't last long. Still - nice whilst it's here.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

There are very large plus's to snow days and working at home - desk, wife... need for warmth...hee hee

And how cute she made a snow angel, I usually try to make one once a year but have failed to do so this year!

Amanda said...

Thank you for the award:-)

Nice snow pictures! As much as I dislike the snow and the cold I cannot complain because my work always ends up closing:-) Its quite nice!

Anonymous said...

I saw this on the news here in the States. It was reported that London does not see much snow. I am glad you and your family took advantage of it and had fun. The new angel had very nice form. Good job to your wife.

Short Stick said...

i'm jealous. i miss snow. being in florida all winter has its perks tho...

Writers Block said...

Thanks all - I'll let the wife know her angel is appreciated!

Sadly she's back at work now, so sat on my lonesome once again. At least the view out the window is nicer whilst it's still covered in snow.