Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday friday friday!

Ah joy, the weekend once more. My boss is on holiday as well, so I get to do very little today. Bliss.
I'm also in a good mood today, as I won the 'spot the ciggy packets' competition over at the
Patsy Log, and won a dedication of this truly moving performance. of 'Arms wide open'. Cheers Babe.

Anyways, had lots of family come to see me this week, which means my Father is currently staying for what he claims is a week (very long story) - so not been writing as much as I'd like. Still, I'm here now, and wanted to to talk for a moment about award ceremonies. Not the kids-sports-day type thing, but the actors golden-statues-of-various-things type thing.
They had Kate bloody Winslet on TV again last night. I liked her when she was nobody, but now she's all wailing on at award ceremonies proving she can't act that well without a script.
I mean, if these things mean so much to them, why are the ones that loose all smiles and have that 'Ah, well' look that I'm pretty sure they practice in the mirror for an hour before they head out? Just once I'd like to see someone go crazy because they didn't win, like Joey in that episode of friends a million years ago that my wife made me watch (honest).
Personally I think it would be great if Angelina Jolie went postal screaming 'That's Mine you whore! I'm gonna fuck that bitch up' before smashing a bottle of cristal over her managers head.
That's entertainment.

Today I am mostly listening to KT Tunstall doing some amazing things with a loop pedal:


Hillbilly Duhn said...

I liked Kate Winslet when she was a nobody too.

Joey from friends was funny. I had a slight crush on him for a wee bit.

Have a good weekend!!

Writers Block said...

'Had'? As in no longer? Yeah right, I believe you!

Have a good one too - I have a good feeling about this weekend.

The 1.000.000 Project said...

You're right, it's Friday... Friday, Friday, Friday! Saying it feels gooood ;)

Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

Fridays definitely are THE BEST :-)

So you are not a Kate Winslet fan?! I hope to see her new movie this weekend, "Revolutionary Road"

Short Stick said...

i'm glad you liked it. see i told you i would think up a good prize!

Anonymous said...

Thank God it's Friday. Like you my boss was out today. I played.

Michael said...

References to music, television and film, you sure know how to make me smile!

I loved Kate Winslet back in the day, Titanic and Heavenly Creatres were fantastic movies.

And, ah... The One With Joey's Award, Season 7, Episode 18. Your wife had to talk you into watching it? That worries me.

I think Angelina Jolie just gets a lot of good movies in action films like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Tomb Raider franchise, but she really doesn't act, and I don't like that.

KT Tunstall is a great artist. I haven't listened to her for a while, I will have her music playing later.


Anonymous said...

:D I remember listening to that song on the train and thinking, 'now how is she going to do all of those layers live?'

(Michael, there is currently a big sign outside one of the trees in one of the temple complexes in Angkor Watt that says 'Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie filmed here'. Japanese tourists all around it. I hate that franchise.)

Michael said...

You've received an award here! Come accept it!


Writers Block said...

Thanks for the comments all - Fridays are indeed the dest day of the week. Especially the afternoons. As my father says, Happy POETS day (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday).

Michael - I don't know whether to be impressed or worried that you know the series and episode number of friends by quotes - but as you've graciously given me an award, I'll err on the side of impressed.

Amanda - let me know what Revolutionary road is like, I've heard it's good, but not sure if it's a bit chick flick for me.

Little J - indeed, she must have practiced this for a long time.

Thanks again Short Stick - this really did brighten my day!

And happy playing cmgamble!