Saturday, 10 January 2009

Scratch scratch scratch

Me and scratchy (my pen) have been busy. Me and scratchy have finished chapter 11. Onwards and upwards to chapter 13 (ch 12 is a long story).

Just been watching Something For The Weekend (foody type TV show in the UK). They had an old clip of Keith Floyd in Madrid eating carbs and wrong fish. Now I don't know whether this is just Floyd, but according to him, the Spaniards spend most of the morning eating aforementioned carbs and wrong fish whilst getting slowly pissed before passing out and calling it a siesta. When they wake up, they just eat and drink some more before it's time to throw up and go to sleep.
That Floyd guy must have a liver the size of a small car, and I should move to Spain.
And is it just me, or does Mel B not look anything like Mel B anymore?

Anyways, thanks to Ksquared for the half-ass line. I'll get to work as soon as I get back from shopping.
I hate shopping in London. It's just so damn busy. There's a credit crunch on people, you're not supposed to be spending money! What's with everyone heading into town on a Saturday and wondering mindlessly in zig zags across the pavement before stopping for no apparent reason. It's like Day of the Dead out there people, Day of the fucking Dead.
And as for tourists, don't even get me started. The London underground is a mode of public transport to get people from one place to another, it is not a tourist attraction! You're not supposed to stop at the entrance to the platform, thereby blocking everyone else, so you can take a picture of the tunnel. I mean, come on, it is quite literally a hole in the fucking ground.
And why, despite the signs every 10 feet on the escalator telling folks to stand on the right, do they feel the urge to stand on the left?
There's a solution here involving cattle prods.

Thanks to Amanda for the 'encouraging' words about non-smoking. What the hell is an electric cigarette? Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but you add electricity to something and it just gets 10 times better. Now you're telling me they make electric cigarettes? That's just another reason not to quit - where do I get me one of those?

And the quote from yesterday about moving a body is attributed to Alexei Sayle. He's a slightly surreal British comedian who never used to be very funny, though he has got better with age. Well, that's my opinion anyway.


John Tedder said...

I'm visiting you from Blogcatalog. I have a recent post on quitting cigarette smoking. Thursday, January 8, 2009 was my 8 year anniversary of not smoking.

Madrid Spain Native said...

Eating and drinking all morning... I wish!!!

Perhaps he was going on about the fact that at 0800 its Aguardiente or Orujo (40% schnapps) with doughnuts followed by a coffee at 1000. Around 1200 its time for the "apperitivo", appertizer, which is normally beers and tapas until 1500 before starting lunch.

Yeah, reading that back it does sound like we enjoy life a little :-)

Whats Tapas? Thats these things:

Writers Block said...

Ah Tapas.
Don't get me wrong, I like Tapas, I'm just always looking around for someone to bring me my main course.

Congrats John.

The Jules said...

Does an electric cigarette give you a shock every time you inhale? Sort of like aversion therapy?

Mind you, who doesn't like an electrically stimulated pharynx?

Richard said...

I'm kinda intrigue about the electric cigarette. Does it really exist? Anyways if you do have a time you can also visit my blog Free SEO Tips and Tricks. Thanks and more power..

Amanda said...

Omg people in the city who do not know how to walk normally are so annoying! It is so true how some iditos walk in zig zags and then randomly stop! Also people on the subway who do not "move in" are so annoying, they block the doorways causing everything to be ten times slower. One time on the subway here, a person had to share his thoughts by calling these people "fucking zombies" lolol.

So the "electric cigarette" I got from Smoke 51 ( You get the nictone hit without the tar and tobacco. You even exhale the the nicotine in a vaoporized form and the "cigarette" even ligths up at the tip so that you know you are inhaling correctly. I am returning it though since I am diabetic and upon reading the User Manual it says not to use if you are diabetic. Obviously I shouldn't even be smoking either, but I will quit...soon.