Friday, 23 January 2009

Zombies and the J-Lo

Had this weird dream last night. The world had been taken over by zombies, and I was living with a bunch of survivors in a concrete tower block surrounded by trees and flowers. Everyone was happy, though my wife was pissed off with me and I didn't know why. There was a concert in the main hall, and Jennifer Lopez was playing - which is pretty odd as I don't like her music or her acting, though I did go say hi after the show.

Probably drank too much coffee and was seeing the wrong type of dead people. Weird things dreams. There's still not a doctor or psychologist around who can tell you for sure why we have them. One of life's little mysteries I guess.

Anyways, It's raining sideways outside, apparently we're going to have 60mph winds here today. I've got no money - again, and I've got a shit load of work to do, which I'm obviously not doing right now, so that'll mean working late.

But it's Friday, so nothing can piss me off today (except zombies). I love Fridays, I really do. I know I've said it before, they they're just the shiz. 2 whole days of getting out of bed when I want, going where I want, doing what I want - free from the oppressive thumb of responsibility.

I've been writing as well you'll be indifferent to hear. Actually made a start on something for the blog (based on ksquared's suggestion a while back when I asked for a first line). Spent a whole 40 minutes on it so far, but got my 500 words. I'll edit it later today and post it up if I get chance.

Today I am mostly listening to Doors covers by people who sound like they're on an awful lot of medication.

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