Monday, 12 January 2009

I want that job

Well, it's Monday. Again. Fun, fun, fun. Oh well, one day nearer the weekend I guess.

I've actually been quite busy at work today, which at least makes the time go quicker. Though It's still a shit job that's killing me one day at a time.
Never mind though, I've seen the perfect job (well, my wife spotted the perfect job and emailed me the link). Slight problem is that it's being advertised in 18 countries and there's only 1 vacancy. The job title is 'The Best Job in the World' - and no, it's got nothing to do with Kiera Knightley (excuse me whilst I drool for a while). It's a caretaker for the islands of the great barrier reef in Australia (see pic). Basically you have to feed the fish, write a blog, and er, that's pretty much it. It pays around £70,000 a year and is for a six month contract. You also get a rent free 3 bedroom house.
Details are here: if anyone else fancies applying.

Anyways, just sat on my ass at the moment watching 'celebrity come dine with me'. Great program, gonna set one up with some friends I think (though it won't be for a grand obviously). For those who don't know it, 5 people take turns in hosting a dinner party for the other 4. They then all score the night out of 10, and the one with the highest score at the end of the week wins £1000. A good excuse to get pissed and have someone else cook if you ask me.
Not much else happening in my life today. Went for a run yesterday - 4 and a half miles, couldn't feel my knees, pissed off when I got back - the usual - so sorry this entry isn't full of car chases and explosions.
Also had a cracking idea for a new book. Gotta get this one written first though, and something for the blog.
Oh, and thanks to Amanda before I forget, for sending me the link to the mysterious electric cigarette of mysterious wonder. Or something like that.

Quote for today:
'Several excuses are always less convincing than one.'


Amanda said...

You are very welcome!

That sounds like an amazing job; you should def. apply! Best of Luck to you!

Writers Block said...

Thanks - to apply you have to send in a 60 second clip. Not sure I'm that photogenic (and I'm alot less interesting in real life!)
Stuck a link to your blog on the right somewhere BTW. I'm guessing you won't mind.

PillowNaut said...

LOL I guess it's only the "best job in the world" if you actually like water. But I'm pretty sure I'd put a gun to my head before I ever put on SCUBA gear ;)